Covid-19 Recruiting

Due to current restrictions, Southeastern Baptist Athletics will be conducting Athletic tryouts a bit differently.

Athletes are asked to send links to game videos. If you do not have a game video you may make your own video showcasing your ability and any skills that the coach has required. See the sections below for the required skills for each sport.

Videos and/or links will be sent to the coach of the sport of your interest.

Please include your name, height, phone number and email for contact, Position played, ACT score, GPA, name of High School and Coach, any colleges you have attended, and any game-related statistics, awards, or honors. Please include a clear photo of yourself if possible. (please be the only one in the picture. Look professional. Be aware of your background and lighting)

Coaches will review all information and videos. If they believe you are a good fit, they will contact you for a one-on-one tryout appointment.


Men's Basketball

Broaderick Hall, Head Coach

Eugene White, Assistant Coach


Women's Basketball

Jenone Bell, Head Coach

Darnell Gibson, Assistant Coach


Women's Volleyball

Nancy Brashier

Melissa Rayner


Please include the following in your video - Hitting/Spiking, Passing, Setting, and Serving.


Men and Women's Golf

Buddy Duke



Angela Golobay


Tryout attire should be appropriate athletic wear (no spaghetti straps or revealing tops) with supportive tennis shoes and sock. Any color attire is acceptable. Hair must be pulled into a ponytail away from the face.

The following are required for tryout:

  1. Show an individual chant with motions that repeat three times
  2. An individual cheer that contains at least one jump and/or gymnastic
  3. Three jumps
  4. Any gymnastic ability


Cross Country Track

Broaderick Hall



Send inquiries to



Send inquiries to