Hello future Chargers!


We are changing it up a bit this year!  Volleyball tryouts will be done by video.  This is to make sure we keep you and our staff as safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ready to get started?

  1.  Do you have game film of yourself playing?  Our coaches love highlights and also full game video.
  2.  Don't have game film?  You can make one!  Grab a friend and showcase your skills.  Our coaches want to see   your serve, passing skills, setting, hitting, and spiking.
  3. Send your film to the coaches.

Nancy Brashier      nbrashier@southeasternbaptist.edu

Melissa Rayner      mrayner@southeasternbaptist.edu


The coaches will view your video and then you may be contacted to schedule a one-on-one tryout so that they can better assess your skills.  All tryouts scheduled will be closed to all persons not required present by SBC Volleyball Staff.




Please include the following with your video:  Full name, high school attended, GPA, ACT Score

Recruit Questionnaire

The following skills must be included in your video - Hitting/Spiking, Passing, Setting, and Serving.